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History of Organization

Fun on the Run began operations in 2003, as a non-profit organization. Having resided in Ontario for over 40 years, Fun on the Run is a family-owned organization that was founded and operated by three sisters who have always had a passion for working with children and families and an appreciation for community and all that it represents.


Fun on the Run currently operates before-and-after school programs at 12 school locations throughout York Region, including 6 Catholic schools and 6 Public schools. In addition, Fun on the Run opened its first full-day childcare centre in January 2019, located within Pope Francis Catholic Elementary School in Kleinburg, Ontario.

Our Philosophy

​Fun on the Run provides high quality, yet affordable childcare for working and nonworking families. Fun on the Run believes that all children are competent, capable, curious and rich in potential. Providing children with learning opportunities that are inquiry-based stimulate problem solving skills, while building communication skills among their peers and childcare providers. We know that children who have opportunities to develop optimally in all developmental domains in early childhood, achieve success as they grow and develop throughout their time in school. Each child who attends Fun on the Run will be welcomed into a positive environment that promotes responsive interactions among the children, parents and childcare providers. Each childcare provider will scaffold and co-learn in each child’s learning. 

Workplace Culture


At Fun on the Run, you will

encounter childcare providers who have a passion for working with children, families and members of the community. The term “leadership” holds extraordinary meaning within the organization, as the concept of teamwork is deep-rooted within our overall practice, as well as our workplace environment. 

At Fun on the Run, we continue to adopt innovative lessons on a daily basis. Correspondingly, the process of training and further developing our knowledge and skills is how we work to meet the needs of children, parents and the overall community. 


Important Roles Within Our Program


Early Childhood Educator/Assistant


The role of the early childhood educators and early childhood assistants at Fun on the Run is one that incorporates developing an emergent program plan each week that meets the physical, intellectual, cognitive, social and emotional needs, skills and interests of the children in the program. Similarly, each early childhood educator and early childhood assistant claims a role that encompasses following Fun on the Run’s program statement, along with all of the centre’s policies and procedures.  


Site Supervisor


The role of the supervisors at Fun on the Run is one that includes overseeing the day to day delivery of the childcare program. Furthermore, the supervisor claims a role that encompasses communicating with children, parents, families and members of the community on a daily basis, regarding discourses related to child development, program registration, questions or concerns regarding programming and much more.


Professional Development

In each childcare centre it operates, Fun on the Run ensures that each member of our team possesses varying levels of knowledge, skills and experience. Correspondingly, individuals employed by Fun on the Run must understand what is required of their work and will be provided with opportunities to acquire new information and support, to upgrade and continue to improve their skills, knowledge and pedagogical approaches.

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